Oklahoma's First Inclusion Alliance School

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The Oklahoma Alliance Academy is a small teacher-led school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The school will be taking applications in 2014. OAA opens with the goal of providing a safe and accepting environment for all students. The Alliance school is a place where it is okay to be Gay, Straight, Goth, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Native American, Asian, White, Black or just plain Unique!

OAA is the first school in the state of Oklahoma to start with a mission of
reducing bullying. It is the first to make history in Oklahoma and start an LGBTQ Friendly school. We currently serve students in grades 6-12 who live in the Tulsa and surrounding area. We are open to everyone who embraces equality and inclusion. Students of LGBTQ parents are also welcomed. If you are looking for a great school that nurtures your child's uniqueness while providing an excellent education, check us out.

We have seats for 175 students in grades 6-12. We are looking to expand to 500 seats by 2016 and offer lower grades as well. The school uses a model of democratic governance, so that students and teachers are empowered to make the school the best place it can be.

For those of you who have been long time friends, thank you for all your support over the years!

If you are interested in learning more fill out the Inquiry Form under the Admissions tab.

Parents and supporters of OAA, now you can keep up with what’s happening at our school anywhere, anytime right from your smart phone with School Connect. 
School Connect is a free mobile app that enables you to stay connected to your student’s school and have school information sent directly to you, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether it’s updates on the school play, access to grade books, emergency notifications or even classroom reminders from your teachers—School Connect makes all this information available from your smart phone. School Connect is the best way to get connected, and stay connected to everything that’s happening at OAA. Download it here or from your app store today.  

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